TED Talks: This is a mine of brilliant talks by inspiring people. You have only up to about 20 minutes to tell a very select audience about your subject.It needs to be entertaining, informative and to the point. Sometimes it reaches the heights of genius.

The Educator’s PLN: This is a Ning site that was created by Tom Whitby (@tomwhitby) to help bring together educators interested in the uses of web 2.0 in education. There are some really useful videos in it and it is a good way to see recent developments in the web 2.0 classroom and get to see who are the leading lights in it at the moment.

Voicethread: One of the most interesting developments in online communication. Comment on a picture or video (indeed anything that can be represented in a slide. There is the ability to write, talk or add a video comment. Children can communicate about fascinating topics from all over the world.

The Open Thinking Wiki: Excellent collection of videos and other resources compiled by Dr Alec Couros  (@courosa)  covering Technology and media literacy.

Classroom 2.0: Another very informative and useful Ning site started  by Steve Anderson (@classroom20)  who also hosts weekly online discussions through elluminate:

Hootsuite: Powerful application that lets you shorten URL’s and transfer information to “Twitter” or “Facebook” and provides you with valuable statistics on how often your post has been seen. Intuitive, easy to use Blog creation site. (This blog comes from it). Give it a go if you want to communicate with people through the potential audience of the internet A powerful online suite of applications that is best explained by the organisation themselves:*LEDPcO-Hzpw

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