Proud to be a remoaner

I have a friend who is an obsessional Brexiteer. He has spent the last few months since the infamous referendum celebrating the good sense of the British people in cutting (or eventually cutting) the ties to what he sees as the iniquitous organisation that is the European Economic Community.

He has jumped on the word “Remoaner” for people, such as myself, who he feels are unable to accept the will of the people and wish to squirm and writhe and let out our doom laden prophesies about the dire consequences for our country’s future.

Today I put a post on Facebook that was about a report from by that well known left-wing pro-Europe organisation Sky T.V. about a report from the British Chambers of Commerce (another firebrand organisation of the left!) that stated that a number of industrial and commercial companies have made plans to relocate to Ireland and the continent after Theresa May’s Government starts the exit process.


To quote the report:

British businesses have already started setting up shadow units on the continent and shifting investment to the other side of the UK border in Ireland, according to a new report on Brexit from Britain’s leading business lobby group.

The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) found that companies are growing increasingly concerned about the impact on their business from Brexit, and are already taking action to guard against it.

In a report based on a survey of its members, the BCC found that in the face of Brexit uncertainty, “a minority of companies have even taken mitigation strategies, such as setting up new receiving companies or their own logistics infrastructure on the continent, in order to ensure the same level of service to their customers and suppliers.”

It also said that some businesses “reported instances of scaling back investment in Northern Ireland and shifting investment to the Republic of Ireland.” It added: “Some companies are already exploring setting up production in the Republic of Ireland and other EU countries.”

My friend decided to comment on my post in the following way:

They may be shifting because of all the negativity from the Remoaners.
Also look at how many countries want to leave the EU.
Also look at the immigration figures that show how many people have come from the countries that recently joined the EU.

Now,as a “Remoaner” I amazed at the power that my friend thinks we have. Does he really think that the negativity of the “Remoaners” has forced company directors to rush off and make plans to leave the country?

I would have thought that hard headed business folk have one idea in  mind, which is the pursuit of profit. Maybe they feel that Britain outside of the European Customs and free trade area is likely to affect their profits in a big way and potentially, in the uncertain future that an off-shore tax haven has to offer there are too many possible problems that have caused them to make plans for their future outside of the U.K.

For myself, I am a remoaner because I believe in an internationalism that I saw celebrated by so many of the young, pro-Europe Yes voters in the referendum. I have never felt happy with the narrow confines of nationalism and I feel that it has led to so many needless wars and human suffering over the years.

I believe in internationalism as a necessity to try and tackle the key issues of Climate Change, mass extinction of flora and fauna and the need to have an international approach to medical and scientific  research.

My friend is right, I am a “Remoaner” and I am proud to be. I try to do whatever I can to argue against the so-called “Hard Brexit” that I believe will be such a disaster for my country. Occasionally I get support for my views from Sky News and The British Chambers of Commerce!

About malbell

I am a retired Teaching and Learning Consultant. Previously I was a Primary school headteacher and deputy headteacher. I enjoy reading, doing MOOCs and learning new things.
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