Learning from the journey

Yesterday I was a part of the G+ Hangout that was  introducing week 8 of my latest MOOC “Learning Creative Learning”. The subject was motivation to learn. There were a number of speakers, a few diagrams, some pertinent slides but the thing that I will remember the best from it all was an old photograph of four young men hiking in some beautiful countryside. One of the young men was Mitchel Resnick, the lead of our course and Professor at the MIT Media Lab.
He stated that he was enjoying the journey with his friends and finding new and interesting things everywhere they went. They met up with another group of hikers who talked about the number of mountain peaks they had climbed. He made the point that these other hikers had missed out on enjoying the countryside as their motivation was to climb as many peaks as possible.
He used this story as an analogy to the world of education. There are so many who just look to the peaks of academic success and miss out on the many wonderful things that can and should be noticed as we learn.
I did an entry to my wonderful LCL G+ Community that explained my thoughts on the subject:
“My motivation for being a part of Learning Creative Learning is to expand my thoughts and ideas and continue in my personal journey to understanding my world.
I did not join to get a piece of paper saying I had achieved some sort of grade. I love the fact that this course is about the journey and not the finish line. I loved Mitch’s analogy to his hike across country many years ago. In this course I am surveying the countryside, learning about the beauty of how we can all become more creative, getting new ideas to make myself a better hiker and interacting with some great fellow-hikers who  are also enjoying the journey.
Thank you Media Lab for arranging the journey.”
Are you someone who enjoys and learns or do you only care about how many peaks you have climbed?

About malbell

I am a retired Teaching and Learning Consultant. Previously I was a Primary school headteacher and deputy headteacher. I enjoy reading, doing MOOCs and learning new things.
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