Why we must keep arts and design in the curriculum

Two days ago (6th December 2012)  Dezeen Magazine published an article called “Jonathan Ive joins campaign to save U.K.’s Creative Education

This article showed how one of the world’s leading designers, who learnt his trade here in the U.K., where he comes from, is joining in the fight to stop the present U.K. Government from excluding art and design from the proposed EBacc.

To quote the article:

Ive and British fashion designer Stella McCartney are the latest names to pledge their support for the #IncludeDesign campaign, which is calling on the creative industries to rally against the Department of Education’s proposed reforms to the curriculum before consultation closes on Monday 10 December.

In a letter to education secretary Michael Gove, the group urges education secretary Michael Gove to reconsider plans to exclude arts and design subjects from the newly introduced English Baccalaureate (EBacc). At present the EBacc only includes the five compulsory subjects of maths, English, sciences, humanities (either history or geography) and a language.

The UK creative industries are the envy of the world (my bold print), we set the bar in excellence, innovation and entrepreneurship,” reads the letter. “The development of an English Baccalaureate affords the Government an opportunity to enhance one of the strongest areas of our economy. It is an opportunity to create a generation that will stand the best chance of improving our global competitiveness and contribute to our future economic growth. In its proposed form however, we believe the English Baccalaureate will starve our world leading creative sector of its future pioneers.”

I could not have agreed more. The inability of the Government to realise the importance in the digital age of developing creative and innovative citizens beggars belief. The sheer fact that there are so many creative individuals who have contributed to our present day society from such a small country (geographically) says it all.

We need to develop the arts and design in our education system not relegate them or destroy them.

I wrote  a comment on the site:

“We must fight to keep the arts in our curriculum. Our future depends on innovation and creativity. Indeed this country has become more and more reliant on our “creative capital” as we have seen commercial and industrial decline in the new digital age. The plans to drop design and arts from the EBacc is economic and social suicide.”

I would like to add my weight (however small) to the campaign to save the arts in our schools and hope that anyone reading this will feel the same way.



About malbell

I am a retired Teaching and Learning Consultant. Previously I was a Primary school headteacher and deputy headteacher. I enjoy reading, doing MOOCs and learning new things.
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