Why I will continue to blog

I have just moved house and have been through the usual unsettling period of total upheaval and the need to get used to a new environment, new routines and, in my case, a new part of the country to live in.

During the course of this upheaval I have found it near impossible to get to a computer no mind actually try and put my thoughts down in a blog post. I have therefore had a fairly long (for me) period of silence.

As often happens in these periods you get the chance to consider whether it is worth carrying on. I am approaching 500 posts in this blog, some of them have been quite widely read and others have little or no readership. I have thought about quitting on a few occasions but somehow the lure of blogging pulls me back…the question that I ask myself is why?

Blogging for me has been a release of my creative talents, a chance to express my opinions on what I have learnt and what I feel strongly about. There have been times when I have had responses in the way of comments to my posts and this has helped me to see that I have an audience out there. Not only do I have a small but loyal audience but I also have people who have bookmarked my site, who have advised others to read my posts or have mentioned individual posts in their own posts. One of my posts “10 reasons we should allow mobile phones into schools” has been at the top of the Google search for its title for many months now and is by far and away my most successful individual post.

I have a notification at the top of my WordPress Page as I write this blog that “Gerry Cockburn, Margie, and 17 others followed your blog”. THis is encouraging. I would therefore like to publicly thank Gerry, Margie and the other 17 followers for their support and state that it is people like you that encourage bloggers like me to continue to express our ideas and add just a little bit to the world of information out there.

I will be continuing to blog and particularly about education which has been my profession for many years and about technology which is slowly transforming education but has speedily transformed our world. Blogging is a great pastime and one that I can thoroughly recommend. There are never enough bloggers out there because everyone has something to say and there is always someone who wants to read it, can be informed or moved by it or challenged by it to respond. If you have been thinking of starting your own blog then I can definitely say give it a go,  it might  transform your life!

About malbell

I am a retired Teaching and Learning Consultant. Previously I was a Primary school headteacher and deputy headteacher. I enjoy reading, doing MOOCs and learning new things.
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1 Response to Why I will continue to blog

  1. I’m glad you will still be serving up these tasty bits for me to read Malcolm!


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