Why I am going Green

I had an interesting telephone conversation with my brother over the weekend. We discussed the awful budget that the Coalition Government had introduced last week and this led us onto who we could vote for at a forthcoming election.

In my last post I discussed the subject of the dismemberment of the NHS and bemoaned the fact that I had voted Liberal Democrat in the last General Election. I had done so because I had no love of the New Labour Party politics and was opposed to practically every policy of the Conservative Party! In the Liberal Democrats I had hoped to see some sort of responsible and (as I saw it) sane approach to the subjects that mattered to me, the economy, education, the Health Service, the environment  and social welfare.

I never in my wildest imagination believed that the Lib-Dems would sup with the devil and enter into a coalition where many of their most cherished policies (like protection of the NHS and student fees) would be abandoned in order for their leaders to taste the sweet nectar of power for perhaps the one and only time in their existence.

I felt disenfranchised following these events. My brother had stated on more than one occasion that he would be voting for the Green Party and I had said that this would probably be my best bet. I did not really know the Green Party though and like so many others I hadn’t taken the time to view what they actually stood for. I had some idea that they were (as their name suggests)  strong on environmental issues, which was something I had always had a keen interest in.

Today I took the time to look up the Green Party website. I found the link to their policies and proceeded to read them. What I found was a really pleasant surprise to me. I found that they stood for most of the things that I find important in my life and that I want to fight for. They do not agree with pussyfooting around the big banks, they have a sensible policy that would reverse the effects of the destructive NHS Act and most importantly they have key policies about education that would abolish SAT Tests, have nursery and pre-school education go up to 6, put an emphasis on teachers in charge of curriculum development and in a Green Government there would be no student loans and no tuition fees!

I will be supporting the Green Party at any future election not as a protest against the major parties but because I have read and agree with their policies. In the Green Party I feel I have found people who believe what I believe and see the future of my country in the same way that I do…. it is like coming home.

About malbell

I am a retired Teaching and Learning Consultant. Previously I was a Primary school headteacher and deputy headteacher. I enjoy reading, doing MOOCs and learning new things.
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