The power of video: Johnny Cash…. Hurt

I found out the other day whilst e-reading “Five Minds For the Future” by Howard Gardner, about two types of learners, spotlight learners who roam around the place and seek information from a multitude of sources and laser learners who concentrate on one particular thing and dig deeper and deeper into it.

This morning I was spotlighting around as I like to do, looking at Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter for something interesting to research, to watch, to read, to look at. I found nothing that really grabbed me so I decided to do a search on Google about most beautiful songs of all time.

I watched a couple of videos and didn’t find them all that moving. I was just about to leave my quest when I discovered a link to a song called “Hurt” by the late, great Johnny Cash.

I looked at this video and the power of it amazed me. Here was a song that had been written by Trent Reznor in a dark moment in his bedroom that was to become the last great song of an iconic performer. The words talked of regret, of ending and of ultimate hurt to the ones that you love. It is a dark song.

Cash though and the filmmakers who shot the video turned the song into a testament of his life and a visual farewell to his followers. It was intensely moving.

I turned from a spotlight learner into a laser learner because I felt that I wanted to know more about the song, its creation and effect. I did a YouTube search and found two more videos about how the video fitted into Cash’s last few months. It made me think of how much material there is on YouTube that can be accessed so easily and provide visual evidence for research.

It proved to me yet again how important visual education is in our digital world and how it must become a key part in the study of the future.

Below are the original “Hurt” video and one of the two videos I found  about the song…. watch, feel, think, interpret and understand the real power of video as an educational resource.

About malbell

I am a retired Teaching and Learning Consultant. Previously I was a Primary school headteacher and deputy headteacher. I enjoy reading, doing MOOCs and learning new things.
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