The power of a social media campaign: Tony Kennick’s TedX Sheffield Talk

Here is the Google Plus post that I did last night (13th October). It follows a link that I received from a Tweet (where else?)
I am, as readers of this blog know, a great fan of Ted Talks and TedX Talks. The video is a talk from TedX Sheffield, newly released on YouTube. It is an excellent talk by Tony Kennick called “Desktop Revolution” about the way that social media and Twitter in particular played such a huge part in naming and shaming the hacking of murdered Milly Dowler‘s mobile phone by employees of the paper “The News of The World“.
What is so important about this and the way that social media played such a significant role in the uprisings across the Middle East and elsewhere, is that politicians and media moguls do not have an ability any more to sweep unpleasant things under a secrecy carpet which will never see the light of day again.
The political world is changing and students of political science need to be aware of this… they are maybe better off studying Twitter streams than Hobbes and Marx!
Here is the G+ post:
malcolm bellamy  –  Yesterday 8:52 PM  –  Public
TEDxSheffield – Tony Kennick – Desktop Revolution

This is an important talk that needs to be seen more widely. Tony Kennick explains the way that the Twitter campaign against the hacking of Milly Dowler’s mobile phone by The New Of The World actually happened.

We now live in a world where this kind of thing cannot go by swept under a carpet of secrecy. It led in the end to the public humiliation of Rupert Murdoch as well as the closure of the paper.

Politicians need to be aware that there is a new power around called the public voice and it has been seen right across the world in mobilising opinion and putting vested interests under pressure.

For those who think that social media is just about who is having a coffee with whom and where…take note…. and consider the consequences of your actions.

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