Apple’s “Moment of Discovery”

The above video was a part of “The Knowledge Navigator” which was made by Apple computers in 1987 as their prediction of what the future of technology would be.

“The Moment of Discovery” is the section that deals with education. It shows a child using a mobile device to take pictures that he can instantly access information about and then being able to show his classmates about this afterwards where all of the class have access to computers where they can interact with each other and indeed anyone in the world as they seek to take their learning further.

It shows a teacher planning lessons on her tablet where she is able to access new information almost seamlessly from a colleague that will add to the lesson she will be involved in the following day. When she talks to the colleague she sees him on-screen in a video phone message.

Considering that this video was put together in 1987 it is remarkable in its ability to predict the way that technology has actually developed. The only problem is that the technology has arrived but the schools haven’t!

The other day I did a presentation to some newly qualified teachers. I asked them if they used social media and found that out of twelve present only two did! These were newly qualified teachers, average age about 22. I was told that they “didn’t have time for all that… they were too busy  preparing lessons!”

It is strange how so many teachers still don’t get it… they certainly would have struggled  in 1987 but it seems remarkable that I am still “talking to the proverbial brick wall” here in 2011. I wonder when the penny will drop and they will get the ideas that Apple so brilliantly predicted before most of them were born!

About malbell

I am a retired Teaching and Learning Consultant. Previously I was a Primary school headteacher and deputy headteacher. I enjoy reading, doing MOOCs and learning new things.
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