Why I blog

Life can be a bitch sometimes. Like everyone else I find myself in the midst of happenings, some personal, some a bit removed, that makes you feel that it is not all like the song… “a bowl of cherries”.

So, at times like these I used to bury myself in a book, hide on a settee and pretend that I was elsewhere. I could escape inside my mind and dream of a different world. I would be the person that I always aspired to be and life was rich and fulfilling.

Then comes the inevitable awakening that we all get. The day dawns and the harsh half light of the early morning shows our world in its true perspective. The problems haven’t disappeared and there has often been some terrible event happening somewhere in the world, a hurricane, a flood, a mass shooting, that reminds you that life can be…. (you know the rest).

One thing that I have always loved to do, since I was very young, was to write. I was not taught to write in any particular way and my education in respect of literary styles is somewhat patchy. But I always loved playing with words and very importantly, from a very young age, I loved typewriters!!

I was given a toy typewriter as a child and loved it. I loved the sound of the tip-tap as your fingers find the different keys and the minor miracle of having words appear that sometimes made some sense. I wrote novels and plays and sent these off to publishers to be given lots and lots of refusals. The great novel that would change western literature never came and the play with such meaning and passion was never performed.

So I found the world of work and the writing somehow died as it does for so many of us would-be writers walking around with our lost dreams about Booker Prizes and screenwriting contracts.

But like all true passions the writing did not really die, it just disappeared within me, waiting for an opportunity to get out. The weblog was the opportunity.The democratisation of publishing as changed the world for so many people because it has provided a means for them to express themselves.

After my initial steps into the blogging world I have found that I have found the perfect place for me.I can express my ideas, pass on my findings, comment on events and, as in this particular post, I can allow myself  a bit of navel-gazing self-indulgence.

Yes, I write for an audience and hope that there is an impact (as indeed there has been on a number of my posts) but in the end, it has been the ability to allow my fingers to tip tap on the keyboard and the production of yet another (to me) minor miracle of a piece of writing, that has kept me going in my blogging.

For those of you who harbour the need to express yourselves and let the inner “Scott Fitzgerald” escape, there is no better thing for you. It is free, it is open to all and in the end, it is real writing and you are a “real” writer. Give it a go…you’ll love it.

About malbell

I am a retired Teaching and Learning Consultant. Previously I was a Primary school headteacher and deputy headteacher. I enjoy reading, doing MOOCs and learning new things.
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