An open letter to Chris Anderson

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Hi Chris,

I just wanted to say a few things to you and have taken the liberty of using my blog as a means of doing this.

Firstly, the TED Talks continue to be of a high quality and inspire, motivate, delight. I was especially moved to see my old pupil Majid Nawaz presenting in the Ted Conference in Edinburgh in July.

The range of your speakers is very wide and they have so many fascinating stories to tell and things to inform us about. I was especially moved recently to see Ai Weiwei’s talk and video appearance in the Palm Springs conference.

My main reason for writing this open letter is to recommend a future speaker to you and of course to those who are reading this post. I recently read a post about an exceptional young man called Andrew Hennessy from Atlanta, Georgia. The post was written by a teacher at his former elementary school, Trinity.

Andrew,as the post title says, is a problem finder and a problem solver. In the presentation below you can see how he has honed his problem-solving skills, used technology effectively and harnessed his thinking to creating a solution to a real problem in the school…. mislaid and lost jackets!

Here is the presentation:

I wrote a comment on the post as follows:

I have just watched Andrew’s presentation on YouTube and would absolutely agree with you on his suitability to present at the TedXKids BC event. I would go further and say that Chris Anderson should consider having him present at the full TED conference as he represents all the good qualities that we should be looking for in tomorrow’s leaders and innovators.”

Please note Chris that I stated that you should consider Andrew to talk at one of your forthcoming conferences… I am sure that the potential audience in the conference centre and watching online would find what he has to say worthwhile and that he would be a welcome addition to the great list of excellent speakers that you have had at TED throughout the years.

Can I end by saying thank you for your leadership and vision at TED.  I have always found the talks inspiring and they have added so much  to my personal learning in so many ways.




About malbell

I am a retired Teaching and Learning Consultant. Previously I was a Primary school headteacher and deputy headteacher. I enjoy reading, doing MOOCs and learning new things.
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2 Responses to An open letter to Chris Anderson

  1. I wanted to share the news that Andrew was ACCEPTED to speak at TEDxKIDS@BC in September. I am so proud of him and certain that this is just a stepping stone to even greater things in the future…and maybe an appearance on the TED stage!

    Thanks for your endorsement of him. I shared your post with Andrew and his parents.

    (Also, wanted to make sure you saw my response to your comment on my original post:


    • malbell says:

      Megan, this is excellent news and I look forward to Andrew’s talk at BC and hope that he gets to speak at the full TED Conference in the near future. Well done on your sponsorship of Andrew.


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