Why fear the cloud?

Yesterday I tried to access Google Documents on my work computer and found that it was banned! I have, in the past tried to use Dropbox and found that this was banned also. My question is an obvious one why?

A second thought arising from this is “who makes the decisions about what is good or bad for me to use?”

This post originated by my reading of a really useful article called “The Top 5 Cloud Based Tools To Help You Get Organised“.

This article highlighted five apps that can make my life easier and allow me to access information from any computer anywhere.Sometimes, I find that I have to access a file that was originally placed on my hard-drive on my laptop. Last year I discovered “Dropbox” and have used this to store files that I later use for presentations. I have also found that I can use Dropbox as a useful storage of files that I may not need to use specifically but can come in handy when I am talking to teachers.

Until I read the article I didn’t even know that “Lastpass” existed… but what a great idea it is. I find that I have lots of passwords for so many different organisations that I belong to online that a secure place to list them and also access them whenever I want to is a blessing.

I use “Delicious” practically every day (interestingly it is not banned by my employers) and this allows me to keep up-to-date  with some excellent websites that I use in my work or may use in the future.

These cloud based programs are exactly what the article says, a means to better organise our lives. I wonder then what justification there can be in banning them. Why fear the cloud when it is there to help us? We should be allowing all forms of cloud programs into our offices and schools as they can help to make our lives easier.. and surely in these troubled times there’s nothing wrong with that!


About malbell

I am a retired Teaching and Learning Consultant. Previously I was a Primary school headteacher and deputy headteacher. I enjoy reading, doing MOOCs and learning new things.
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1 Response to Why fear the cloud?

  1. Colleen Sharen says:

    I can hazard a guess as to why google docs and dropbox are banned in your workplace. 1) There is a concern around intellectual property — in its terms of service, Google docs retains a perpetual license to use anything you post there in any way they please, including syndicated publication of your material (dropbox does not claim this right). 2) there are concerns about the security of certain propriatary (spelling?) information when it is located on servers not in control of the organization. They are also concerned about disaffected employees sending confidential information into the cloud.

    Your management is concerned about protecting their competitive advantages.

    While many of these concerns may be overstated, you can understand their concerns about data security.


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