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I have been asked to go into a local secondary school tomorrow and talk about blogging.

I decided that I would try and show the students what blogging was all about by actually writing a blog entry. So here goes…

By blogging you will be able to communicate with people of like mind and interest… my blog has allowed me to be in contact with many educators like myself who share a passion for learning and for making schools better places than they are now.

By blogging you will be able to express yourself to an audience. This blog post may not be read by a huge number of people but it will be read and maybe even commented upon. The comments are great (so far I have received 161 comments in the posts I have written, some of them complimentary, some of them critical but all of them showing that what I write is read and that it has an impact upon someone else’s thinking).

By blogging you will create a record for others to see (and for you to reflect on) about your thoughts, emotions, ideas, concerns. It will show you what real writing is all about and it is not in becoming a published author of a bestselling book… it is about communication… pure and simple.

My advice to you is:

Blog because you want to

Choose your own subject

Connect with others who think the same way as you do

Enjoy the thrill of having produced something that someone else will want to read and who isn’t just a teacher giving you some mechanical exercise that means nothing to you.

Give it a go… you may find it hard at first but it is something that you will improve on and feel pride in producing. Write about cars or space or elephants in Malawi whatever… research the net… find photographs, videos and maybe some other blogger’s writing or a newspaper or magazine article.

Most importantly… ENJOY…… it is something that can give you a great buzz and in many ways can change your life.

About malbell

I am a retired Teaching and Learning Consultant. Previously I was a Primary school headteacher and deputy headteacher. I enjoy reading, doing MOOCs and learning new things.
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3 Responses to Tomorrow’s bloggers

  1. Thanks for finding me and for linking your post to my blog. I agree with you 100%, blog because you want to!!!


  2. John McLear says:

    Just a quick comment say any schools wanting to start blogging can start for free (and really easily) today with WordPress at PrimaryBlogger (designed specifically for schools)

    Get started now @

    Thanks 🙂


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