Freda’s return

I was sent an e-mail today from The National Schools Partnership. This is an organisation that has developed a number of free resources for schools.

I have received regular e-mails about their resources and occasionally have passed these on to schools. Today though I decided to investigate the resources in greater depth.

Searching down the list of resources I found one that caught my eye…. it  was   “The Holocaust Explained”.  This leads to a series of excellent survivor’s testimony and interviews.

The one that I found fascinating was “Freda revisits Auschwitz”. This was actually part of a CBBC series called “Joel’s Journey” where Joel DeFries, the then presenter of Blue Peter, retraced his Jewish roots.

This is the section of the programme where Joel went to see Auschwitz to try and understand the immensity of the holocaust. He took with him Freda, a survivor from the camp. Freda explains with great clarity her memories 64 years after, of life and death in Auschwitz. The moment that got to me was her statement that she arrived at the camp and went with her mother, father and brother towards the notorious figure Doctor Mengele. He told the guards which direction each person had to take….. hers was to life (although she could not know that at the time), her mother, father and brother’s was to death.

Freda does not cry throughout the film. It is a brave, powerful video that would add so much, along with the other films and material on this excellent resource for those studying and trying to understand the terrible immensity of the concentration camps. An excellent  resource for schools.


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I am a retired Teaching and Learning Consultant. Previously I was a Primary school headteacher and deputy headteacher. I enjoy reading, doing MOOCs and learning new things.
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  1. Ayaz Akhter says:

    This is very good post dear keep it up


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