The 2011 Horizon Report: 6 Emergent Technologies

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The New Media Consortium have come out with their latest (2011) Horizon Report on emergent key technologies. The implications for education are obvious if you watch the video.

To summarise, the key technologies are:

(1) Mobile devices (here now and in use but feared by many and banned from too many schools) but immensely powerful and useful.

(2) E-Books… these are limited at present but there is an example of an e-textbook in the video that shows the interactivity of e-books and the potential for their use. The e-textbook is the way of the future!

(3) Game Baesed Learning: this may be a couple of years in the pipeline but the potential to further skills and knowledge is there and some schools have gone down the road of introducing games in a big way already.

(4) Augmented Reality: This is also a couple of years away from mainstream use but the power and potential of A.R. is beyond dispute.. take a look and investigate it… if you don’t know about it already it will amaze you.

(5) Gesture Based Computing. This is the Wii technology brought into mainstream education. The children are already experts… it is going to take a few years but it will find a place in tomorrow’s schools.

(6) Learning Analytics. This is a fascinating use of data analysis that will eventually be able to tailor-make a programme of study for each child….. literally personalised learning. Again, the report feels that the mainstream adoption of this technology may be a few years ahead.

If you get the chance download the report. There are a number of great links to examples of these technologies and also to where the current research into them is going on.

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I am a retired Teaching and Learning Consultant. Previously I was a Primary school headteacher and deputy headteacher. I enjoy reading, doing MOOCs and learning new things.
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