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Yesterday, through the wonders of I was able to virtually attend the TEDx NYED meeting in New York and join the the Twitterstream to the right of the main screen.

From the moment that Alan November walked on for the first talk in the morning (N.Y. time) I was hooked. I had only intended to watch for a short while but found myself fascinated by the variety of speakers, many of whom I had come across as Twitter friends or in following their websites.

There was a lively audience who included many of the speakers that were scheduled to speak on the day. The two “comperes”were very different. The woman was very officious and accurate in her introductions whereas the man was less serious, seemed a bit unprepared and joked quite a bit, but this made for a good balance.

The talks were, as you might expect, variable. I feel that Alan November’s talk hit a high note to start off with. There were a few older TEDx talks shown before the main session resumed. The one that I really loved was “Kiran Bir Sethi teaches kids to take charge”

What really interested me though was the Twitter Stream. This was the thing that made me change from a distant observer to really feel that I was there. In real time I could watch the talks and then comment on them as well as replying to the comments made by others.

I could see that there were people in the audience who were looking at the Tweets and Tweeting out themselves. This transformed the whole thing into an interactive experience.

To me there were some magic moments in the day…. I loved the two girls who were reading their own passionate poems in the talk given by John Ellrodt and Maria Fico. This gave an oportunity for those of us who believe in the key importance of creativity to write about our hopes and our concerns. I wrote what I felt in the heat of the moment and it came out as a quote that some people immediately said they appreciated… thus:

RT @dlpd17: Love this quote! RT @nctplarry: “Creativity is the oxygen of real learning.” –@malcolmbellamy #tedxnyed

At the beginning of the last session a singer called Morley appeared and sang some wonderful songs of which the best was “Women of Hope”. This was another great moment of a truly memorable day. I was glad I participated and I learned so much.

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I am a retired Teaching and Learning Consultant. Previously I was a Primary school headteacher and deputy headteacher. I enjoy reading, doing MOOCs and learning new things.
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