The AR.Drone

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The AR.Drone is a really exciting development. I managed to see it working at a planning session for I.T. Curriculum review that I attended a few weeks ago.

It is worked through the iPhone Touch, iPad or iPod. It flew across the room we were in and the control was fascinating in itself. The potential for education was apparent for all of us to see.

It made me wonder that this wonderful piece of technology, that can be worked from an iPhone that many of the children may possess cannot be worked in a school by so many because the mobile phones are banned!

Somewhere, sometime, we will realise the potential of this mobile technology and realise that it can expand the horizons and learning potential of our children.

This is just the start of what the technology can present us with. Every adult in the room that witnessed the “helicopter” (not a hovercraft as mentioned in the film) whirling around and taking a video from different angles could see the potential. It is important that children in schools get to use devices such as these and that they build further uses from their own ideas.

Interestingly enough the technology was developed to become a part of an extension to computer or mobile based games. This is yet another rich area for educators to investigate in terms of children’s learning, creativity and so many other skills.

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