Hard Rock Memorabilia

The Hard Rock Memorabilia website has been designed using the capability of “Silverlight 2 and Deep Zoom”. This impressive site, designed by  Vertigo, showcases tons of music memorabilia of historic value such as

Item 089640 which was Elvis Presley‘s stage outfit (or one of them at least) from 1972.

The Deep Zoom facility allows you to look at a mass of brilliant memorabilia donated or procured by the Hard Rock Cafe in  London which started with Eric Clapton‘s Red Fender which he gave to the Cafe in 1971  which has an  accompanying  video of the original waitress Rita Gilligan talking about how it arrived.

I think that this site would be a wonderful one for children of all ages (and adults as well) to explore. It shows just how much potential there is in exploring materials using new technological breakthroughs.  Enjoy!!

About malbell

I am a retired Teaching and Learning Consultant. Previously I was a Primary school headteacher and deputy headteacher. I enjoy reading, doing MOOCs and learning new things.
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