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I usually stumble upon sites as I follow links in tweets or links from links in tweets or maybe a blog entry from a new follower (I always try to find out about my followers on Twitter and will try and look up their websites if they have one).

This week, after looking at a number of sites I chanced upon a link to Daniel Pink who had made a video for the Harvard Business Review

I watched the video (which was brilliant except for my being distracted quite a lot as Daniel himself was by the goings on in a noisy Washington D.C. Park on a rainy day).

I decided that I needed to find out more about Daniel Pink and therefore went to his website In this I found a fascinating video that was made by a company called Cognitive Media and that used a fascinating technique of animating speech. The speech was one that had been given at the Royal Society of Arts in London (The RSA) and was commissioned by them as part of their “RSAnimation” series of videos.

I investigated this source of the video (see below) and found myself in the brilliant site of the RSA I immediately found myself immersed in this site.

I had heard about the RSA (being British and coming from London) but hadn’t really realised that this auguste organisation that had been around for well over 200 years had transformed itself into a set of fellows who shared an ideal in seeking out “the new enlightenment” and just how we might proceed as a species in the twenty first century.

I found a report that has recently been published called “Steer” which I have downloaded and am reading over the weekend. It is from the RSA’s “Social Brain”  Project and seeks to find ways that we can train our minds to cope with the demands of the digital age that we have moved into. (The link is )

This is cetainly a powerful website with powerful thinkers contributing to the important debates that are taking place worldwide on just what we need to do to survive and create a world which is worth living in for our descendents.

I feel it is certainly my “website of the week” and hope that any readers of this blog post will feel the same way as I do and delve into it… I feel that there are riches there that can well add ideas that you may want to think about.

For myself I am motivated to join the RSA but will need to be nominated by a Fellow of the Society… so if there are any Fellows reading this post… please get in contact!

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