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The cartoon above took me just a few minutes to make up. I discovered the program “Toondoo” as a link from a Tweet (as usual) and have entered the wonderful world of computer cartooning.

I was never very good at art at school and was put off by the idea of drawing anything.. although I was asked quite often in my primary schooling to draw pictures which put me under great pressure. I wonder how many other children have been asked to “draw” some picture to illustrate¬† their writing and have known that they do not possess the ability to create the pictures that they would like to see or that they may have in their mind…. what comes out is often some ill-formed and immature drawing that in no way resembles the thing you are trying to represent.

Imagine my delight therefore when I discovered this wonderful program. I could use my imagination to think about the size, shape, colour, orientation of the picture that I could download or create very easily.

I immediately saw the possibilities for letting children who like me are unable to draw to actually get something as a finished product that represents their ideas. The use of text adds to the possibilities. These cartoons can be used as diagrams, as stories, or by teachers (or pupils) to create questions for others….. the possibilities are almost endless.

More importantly, this program allows the pupil to be creative and to think of what they want to say and how they want to say… and what picture or image will get across their message.

I spoke about cartoons in a recent post “my learning journey to Maus” and was delighted to have the chance to actually play around with cartoon creation myself.

There is though more to this program. You can download other people’s efforts and there is now a social networking site that has been set up by the Toondoo people called Toondospaces this is where you can set up a collaborative, sharing toondo community. I can see lots of potential in this.

Below is a Toondoo by Midnightduke8 from Portugal. You will see that it expresses his (her?) interest in football… it is bi-lingual and gives you some idea of the power and potential of this program. Look it up and give it a go… you never know what you (or your pupils) can achieve!


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I am a retired Teaching and Learning Consultant. Previously I was a Primary school headteacher and deputy headteacher. I enjoy reading, doing MOOCs and learning new things.
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