Sir Ken Robinson’s latest TED Talk

Sir Ken Robinson
Image by eschipul via Flickr

Below you can see the latest Talk at TED from Sir Ken Robinson.

I am, as you will note if you search through the contents of this blog, a big fan of TED Talks and a big fan of Sir Ken Robinson.

I will be honest and say that, in my opinion, having seen a number of Sir ken’s talks and downloaded a couple  of them for this blog, I did not regard this talk as his best yet.

Having said that, if you hadn’t seen any of his previous talks or read his excellent book “The Element” (which I reviewed in an earlier posting) this would be considered a really good talk. It has his usual brand of dry humour as well as a deep passion that is delivered in the low-key manner that we British often manage to produce when we are trying not to show our real emotions.

The emotion does come out though in the very last part of the talk with the wonderful reading of the poem by W.B. Yeats…. in fact, because it is understated throughout the rest of the talk it is difficult not to feel very emotional when he ends with the statement… “tread softly because you are treading on our children’s dreams”.

This is a call for a new system of education that breaks away from the factory system that developed in Victorian times. I do not like the term he uses of an agricultural system…. as it may bring back memories of a pre-industrial age and it is not supposed to be that… I prefer his own phrase of an organic approach to education.

Once again, thank you Sir ken for saying what so  many of us think and feel and being the champion for creativity in the classroom. Your ideas have influenced many educators and the TED talks are bringing them to a wider audience. This is one revolution that we will win!

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