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Those who follow my blog will know that I am an avid fan of TED. I have written about my interest in the “TED” part of the Blog and have also constructed my own TOP 10 TED Talks.. which is now the top 11 since I just had to add Temple Grandin‘s wonderful talk on autism.

I have continued to follow TED with the most recent offerings from California and of course the brilliant TEDx meetings which have happened all over the world (at the weekend just gone I followed a friend from Iowa who was presenting at TedX DesMoines).

Most of the talks are inspiring and many of them have a real educational value.. indeed the reason that I have included so much about TED is that this is my learning blog and I have learnt so much from listening (and sometimes crying or laughing or getting angry) at the many talks that I have watched in just the last seven months since I discovered this brilliant resource.

Imagine my pleasure therefore when I found that a new Wiki had been created that I could (like all Wikis) contribute to that was all about the educational potential of the TED resource…. it is called “Teaching With TED” and can be found at: http://teachingwithted.pbworks.com/

I think this is an excellent idea and I will be favouriting it as a site that I will want to return to a number of times. Today I found an excellent talk from TEDIndia :

Kiran Bir Sethi teaches kids to take charge

This was an excellent talk by yet another inspired speaker. (It may well become number 12 in my TED Top 10! I think I may have to change it to my TED Top 20… but that won’t take long to be completed such is the quality of the talks produced by the TED “factory”)

The wiki was initiated independently of TED by Jackie Gerstein, but the TED team in New York know about it and are excited by its potential. I am as well! I would love to see these talks being seen, discussed, used by school pupils and college students. I would love to see them add to the Wiki and I look forward to seeing their TED Talks in the future.

Thanks Jackie for taking the time and trouble to create this site.

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I am a retired Teaching and Learning Consultant. Previously I was a Primary school headteacher and deputy headteacher. I enjoy reading, doing MOOCs and learning new things.
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1 Response to Teaching with TED

  1. Jackie Gerstein says:

    Thanks for the review, Malcolm. TED is just so much fun in so many way! PS – I think maybe you will have to have the top TED 20!


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