Give Me Shelter: Edutopia

This is what it’s all about. If you want to know where 21st Century learning is going then watch this video.

Today I got into a discussion with a colleague about the knowledge versus process discussion that comes up from time to time in respect of what education should be about.

I stated that we will eventually have to admit that, on a base of literacy and numeracy skills, children will need to be able to explore the world of information and make their own information up.

The power of this video is to see the process of writing, filming, collaborating, discussing and of course the merging and use of communications technology that is here for all to see. In the process the students are exploring a complex social issue and are building up their own understanding of it.

What is the alternative, to use textbooks and watch someone else’s video and then comment on that? I feel that this video shows why there are a growing number of people such as myself who are trying our best to promote the excitement and potential of the use of new technology and the alliance of this use with a new freedom for students to explore and find, interrogate and then use data and represent this data in a multimedia format.

We will need to ask questions about assessment and learning. For me the skills that are to be gained are apparent in just this small bit of film of  a project that obviously took a long time.

I hope that those of you who have had the opportunity to see the video and have been impressed by it will look up other videos on the You Tube Edutopia site or indeed look up the main site which is still a frontrunner in the promotion of a new view of education….

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I am a retired Teaching and Learning Consultant. Previously I was a Primary school headteacher and deputy headteacher. I enjoy reading, doing MOOCs and learning new things.
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