Flickr: The Commons

I have sung the praises of Twitter on numerous occasions to those who just see it is a means of passing messages. As I have said previously in this blog most of my leads to really interesting sites have come from Twitter and this morning was no exception.

I was given a link to something called “Flickr: The Commons” This turned out to be an amazing site that contained many of the photos held as a public resource from many countries and organisations throughout the world.

It started when Flickr (The Yahoo run photo sharing site) started its first connection with a site on January 16th 2008. The site concerned was nothing less than the Library of Congress! It has since added numbers of sites with photographs that have “commons” usage, i.e. that are available for use and distribution with any known copyright.

The idea behind “The Commons” was not just to allow access to the photos but to actively add information and links to them so that they can act as a resource for everyone.

I decided to do a search on “Stoke Newington”   in London which is where I happen to have been born and raised. There was only one photograph… strangely from the Library of Congress… but it was a fascinating one….

The  photograph is the funeral in Stoke Newington of General  William Booth, who was the founder of The Salvation Army. It turned out when looking on the site at that he was buried at Abney Park Cemetery in StokeNewington, not very far from the actual place that I was born. There was also a photograph uploaded by someone of his  grave!

I did a Google search and discovered details about Abney Park Cemetery which was really interesting in that there are a number of famous personalities from music hall artists to Joanna Vassa, daughter of the black author and abolitionist Olaudah Equiano buried there. For further details see 

My journey into learning about all this came from one link in one Tweet! I think that this shows the power of Twitter as well as the power of the internet as a resource for learning. Some of you reading this may have more details or photographs that you can add to the Flickr: Commons site about General Booth!

About malbell

I am a retired Teaching and Learning Consultant. Previously I was a Primary school headteacher and deputy headteacher. I enjoy reading, doing MOOCs and learning new things.
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