Daisy’s Powerpoint

Daisy is a ten year old child who is one of a group of children that I am doing some additional mathematics teaching with in a local Primary school.

She first started with the group about three weeks ago and sat with her best friend. I was asked (as a Consultant) to help this particular group because they had low self-esteem , particularly in regard to mathematics and were underachieving.

In Britain we still have the dreaded SAT Tests at age 10/11 before our children go on to secondary school. I was asked to give the children some help in becoming more methodical about answering test questions so that they could give a good account of themselves when these tests take place.

Daisy entered the room where we were meeting and did not look very positive. She had the “teen pout” that many children show who are going through the first phases of puberty and teenage angst.

I showed them a Powerpoint about “RUPC” which stands for Read, Underline, Picture, Calculate (and check) any questions you are given. Daisy hardly noticed what I said and seemed a bit “distant”.

The following week we were looking at an extension of the RUPC idea which is called “RUCSAC”. This was a more useful device for me to use as it has a pictorial representation which children can relate to … i.e. a Rucksack (although it is not spelled the same way!)

Daisy was now giving me the total negatives. She seemed to take no notice and was “playing to the gallery” especially her best friend. In the end I decided that she was a distraction to the group and asked her to leave.

She sloped off and I later went to her teacher and discussed the issues. She decided that she would give Daisy the option of whether she wanted to return to the group.

This week she returned to the group and seemed pleased to be back. She was attentive and worked well with her friend. At the end of the session she said,

“I’ve made a Powerpoint for you,”

“You have?”

“Yes… it’s about RUPC… do you want to see it?”

We went into her class and her teacher put on the Powerpoint. We were both amazed. She had put together the RUPC and RUCSAC ideas.. explaining all I’d done with them and used excellent graphics to present the ideas. More to the point she had done this on her home computer in her own time.

We both realised that she was very good at using a Powerpoint, had good computer graphics and animations skills and that she had used  this media to express her learning.

As someone who feels that we are neglecting so much in not allowing our children greater access to laptops and mobile devices, I felt elated by this Powerpoint.

Daisy had so many skills that would support and enhance her learning. This Powerpoint was her statement to her teacher… I can do this…. this is how I learn best….. I think that we neglect the message of Daisy’s Powerpoint at our peril.

Below I am attaching a copy of her Powerpoint… we gave her 10 fantasticos for it… but it told us so much and has raised her self-esteem by miles. How good is that?

rucsac rupc

About malbell

I am a retired Teaching and Learning Consultant. Previously I was a Primary school headteacher and deputy headteacher. I enjoy reading, doing MOOCs and learning new things.
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