Sudan: The War Child — National Geographic

This is a short video by National Geographic which graphically covers the past and present of one of the most remarkable young men in the world today, Emmanuel Jal. Emmanuel is now an internationally renowned hip-hop and rap artist. He is also someone who survived one of the most horrible civil wars in recent times, in the Sudan.At the age of seven he was a boy soldier who had seen the horrors of murder and rape at first hand and was taught to hold and use a gun.He went through hell in the next few years and was fortunate to survive. The only reason that he did so was because he was rescued by a young British aid worker called Emma McCune.She brought the young Jal and other boy soldiers to the safety of Kenya.Unfortunately, she was killed in a car accident in Nairobi when she was only 29 years of age.Emmanuel grew up to become a singer and writer. He has also started a campaign to raise enough money to build a school in the Sudan to be called the “Emma Academy” after his “saviour” Emma MCCune.In order to raise the money Emmanuel has sworn to only have one meal a day. So far he has done this for 418 days but he will not give up.I first learnt about Emmanuel and his amazing story in his inspiring TED Talk that I refer to in my Blog entry “My Top 10 TED Videos”.For more information about him and his campaign to build this school look at the website for the Charity he founded Gua-Africa…, despite the fact that he is desperate to raise the money for this marvellous project of the Emma Academy, Emmanuel asked his supporters and friends to give whatever they could to the suffering of the people of Haiti last week. I think that it speaks legions about him as a person.Please watch this video and then see the TED talk and, if you can contribute (however small the amount) to the campaign to build the school. At a time like this, it is good to have something positive like this that looks to the future and realises the potential that education can have to transform the world and make it into a better place.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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